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Proudly empowering and employing people with disabilities.

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Created In Nature. Crafted By Hand. Live Edge Furniture — Built To Last For Generations!

Live Life on the Edge!

Each piece of live edge furniture is different. Each one, whether it is a live edge coffee table or another centerpiece for your home, is made to last, and each wooden piece forms a lasting impression. Our handcrafted furniture is inspired by the work of George Nakashima. The beautiful tables and household furnishings from JCDC Woodworks are crafted to maintain the natural edges and textures of the wood grains found in the mountains of Appalachia.

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“Each tree, each part of the tree, has its own particular destiny.”

George Nakashima

Made to last.

JCDC Woodworks looks at each piece of a tree to see the natural beauty it holds. As we create an artful piece of handcrafted furniture, we strive to reveal the natural beauty of the tree. Whether we craft a small live edge clock, a wooden coaster, or a larger piece such as a dining room table, our live edge furniture is always made with a desire to reveal the beauty in the wood. That desire drives all of the woodworking completed by JCDC Woodworks.

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Our furniture is like our people: unique and diverse. At JCDC Woodworks, we are people with disabilities who consistently overcome challenges to create gorgeous furniture. Our team fosters an unyielding commitment to quality, which becomes evident when you see our live edge furniture and other household furnishings. Whether our furniture is meant to be a focal point of the room or a wallflower amidst some chaos, our custom-made pieces will always bring a smile.

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