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Proudly empowering and employing people with disabilities.

ABOUT JCDC Woodworks

JCDC Woodworks is a not-for-profit, mission-based company providing life skills and employment opportunities to people with disabilities. For the past 40 years, we have assisted people with intellectual, physical, and emotional needs. We are dedicated to helping people with disabilities overcome barriers in their everyday lives. JCDC Woodworks is located in rural West Virginia, but we are proud to make gorgeous, handcrafted, live edge furniture for people throughout the United States and the world.

JCDC Woodworks is unique in every sense of the word. From our carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind furniture to the programs we develop for individuals with disabilities, we ensure that we always instill the highest quality for our customers. At JCDC Woodworks, we aspire to learn and meet the needs of the people we serve as well as the people who purchase our products.

Our woodworking is inspired by George Nakashima. Like Nakashima, we try to craft our furniture in a way that puts the natural beauty of the wood on display. That is why we dedicated ourselves to creating live edge furniture as well as furnishings that showcase the beauty of the tree.

The services and programs at JCDC Woodworks provide employment for people with disabilities. We are proud to give people with disabilities a positive working environment. Your purchase of our live edge furniture helps sustain our program and mission. By making purchases on our site, you contribute to a community which we love dearly. Please consider making a purchase or donation. By purchasing, you will receive gorgeous furniture while also helping a community dedicated to empowering people with disabilities.

“People with disabilities are not defined by their disability. They’re defined by the same things that we are. When you think about the big picture, we all want to have purpose. And I can’t think of a better purpose than giving someone the opportunity to find theirs.”

Sara Rose, Development & Communications Specialist for JCDC Woodworks