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Proudly empowering and employing people with disabilities.

A Beautiful live edge multicolored walnut table


About the Table:

  • Gorgeous accent to contemporary interior design
  • Ideal for living room or office
  • Made with Appalachian Walnut
  • Great for displaying coffee books or placing drinks
  • Each table is a unique cut
  • Easy to assemble

*Made by JCDC Woodworks – Helping to employ people with disabilities!


This is a beautifully design live edge walnut table. Ideal for the office or at home. This table was created with the end in mind. In fact, this table is so unique that the Executive Director wanted to take it home and keep it himself. Made from Appalachian walnut, this multicolored walnut, shows the impact walnut can have when it ages. Its darker hues are blended together with its lighter shades making this a truly spectacular table and a centerpiece of any room. This will complement any home! Buy it NOW!