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Proudly empowering and employing people with disabilities.

Elegant Walnut coffee table with matching end tables (3-piece)


Coffee Table:

Length: 47 3/4
Max Width: 21 3/4
Minimum Width: 14
Height: 18
Slab Thickness: 1 3/4

End Table 1:
Length: 24
Max Width: 16 5/8
Min Width: 16 3/8
Height: 21 3/4
Slab Thickness: 1 3/4

End Table 2:

Length: 24
Max Width: 17 3/16
Minimum Width: 16 5/8
Height: 21 3/4
Slab Thickness: 1 3/4

*Made by JCDC Woodworks – Helping to employ people with disabilities!


This beautifully made table is sure to become a focus in any room.  The grain structure and pattern is unique in every sense of the work. This furniture is a work of art and science brought together beautifully. It will not only look impressive in any home or office, this three-piece set will become the focal point of your conversation.  A truly unique piece.